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Spa Basket

  Day at the Spa Basket
      All you need for a day of relaxation, like being at a spa!

     The spa basket includes:

·     Seaweed Body Polish            Moisturizing Body Wash

·     A Facial Cleansing Mitt         Back Scrubber

·     Eye Mask                                 Sea Salt Soak

·     Body Net                                 Aroma Foam Bath

·     Foot Brush                              Loofah Back Polisher

·     Bath Pillow

·     Wooden Body Roller

·     Detoxifying Mineral Mud

·     Spa Slippers

·     Cherry Stone Thermal Wrap

·     Creamy Body Wash

·     Hair Brush

·     Ocean Mist Candle

$599.90  per 10
  Purchase Code:
GUB 110
As a service to employees/ partners
of Business Practices we offer single baskets at

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